totally normal.

In the middle of our parking lot, there’s a fairly large circle of asphalt that’s a little more settled than the rest.  I usually think nothing of it, and, in fact, didn’t even really notice it was there until it was pointed out to me. So I walk across the parking lot normally…then, one day I end up walking back to my office with a woman staying in one of our dorm rooms (I have no idea why we call them that…but they’re rooms for single women) and she goes out of her way to avoid the circle. We’re in the middle of a conversation, so I follow her lead, trying to decide whether or not  to ask about her path choice when this conversation takes place:

her: So he’s going to propose probably sometime next…I wonder when that’s going to cave in…

me: Umm. Sorry, what? (Since this incident, I’ve gotten way better at following tangents, just fyi)

and finally, her again: You know, the sinkhole. I always avoid it because I don’t want to be the one trapped down there when it finally gives way.

And then she proceeds to tell me about why I should avoid it, too. When I don’t, she calls out reminders to me, as though I’m going to forget something like a seemingly bottomless pit that she’s convinced someone is going to die in one day. For the record, no one’s fallen in yet…


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