craft ideas.

In case you were wondering, this is a mukluk. I had never heard of these until a woman came into the Mission at 1 in the morning and proceeded to not only tell me what they were, but how I could make my own. I’m being serious, she really did tell me.

A: have you heard of mukluks?

J: umm, no. (I’ve noticed that I say umm a lot in these conversations)

A: well, that’s okay.  this is how you can make your own. you go to the thrift store and you buy a pair of moon boots.

J: ….. (blank look)

A: or snow boots. then you go to a different thrift store. or maybe the same one, and you buy a fur coat. then you cut strips out of the coat and, using a hot glue gun, you glue them to the boot. mukluks are regularly hundreds of dollars, but you can make these for less than ten!

Keep in mind that it’s 1 am and that she uses extravagant hand gestures.  So when she’s talking about cutting strips out of the coat, I fear for my life a little bit.  I try to convince her that I just need her full name and then I can register her officially in the morning. Not successful.

A: i know another craft that you would really like.

J: oh. good. you can tell me in the morning, you know. i’ll still be here.

A: (disregarding my last statement entirely) you go to a thrift store. you buy a pair of cowboy boots. then you cut down the sides of them and all around the base, so you just have strips of leather.

by this point in time, she’s right next to my desk. still acting out everything she’s saying.

A: then you take them, and you stretch those strips all the way around a frame. like a picture frame, or a bulletin board like this one (she proceeds to use our bulletin board as a prop). then you take the tips of the boots, and you stretch them out over the corners of the frame. using small silver nails, you attach them to each corner.

J: wow.

A: yeah, i thought you would like that. you know what else you would like…?

I never found out, because it was then that I successfully diverted her attention elsewhere.

I love my job.


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