a zoo and an empty threat.

Several weeks ago, a family showed up in a car filled with stuff. I was surprised they were able to fit 3 people in there. It seemed, too, that the same amount of stuff that was in the car was also on top of the car, covered and held on by a tarp. I started talking with them about why they were here, where they came from, what their lives are about, etc. when I realized that there was a dog in the car. So I hooked them up with the number for a pet shelter and headed back into my office to get some paperwork done while they figure things out. Pretty soon, one of our volunteers came running in. She runs everywhere…think of someone really excitable. Multiply that by 6. It makes for some exciting times, for sure.

I hope by now that you know that I’m ‘J’ in all of these conversations, but I thought I’d make sure just in case:

K: Did you see that car??

J: Yep. They have a dog and…

K: No. They have TWO dogs.

J: Well, they’re calling the animal shelter, so everything should be good.

K: Okay, well, they also have 2 cats. and 5 kittens. and “a few” bearded dragons.

Later I watched as one of the dogs (a pit bull. of course.) tried to attack and eat the other dog while they were both on someone’s lap.

Another almost-as-fun thing occurred last Sunday, when a woman told me she’d make sure the President heard about what I was doing…to clarify, that was a threat.  I’m leaving out the other choice things she said to me because they just weren’t as funny.  Or appropriate.  This particular rant came about because I wouldn’t let her back into her room (It’s against the rules for various reasons, I wasn’t just being a jerk) and I think she thought that hearing her drop Obama’s name would make me want to grant her every wish immediately.

I really can’t make this stuff up. And even if I could, I wouldn’t want to.


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