Monthly Archives: October 2014

some highlights so far.

It’s been almost a month since school started for the students I’m working with, and already a million crazy things have happened.  That’s a slight exaggeration, but you should be used to that from me by now…that said, here are just a few of the things:

-I showed up on campus one morning with some poster board and a bunch of crayons, with the intent of meeting as many students as possible.  My expectations were relatively low, as I had no idea how excited community college students would actually be about drawing/coloring.  Within the first hour, though, I met 15 new students, most of whom hung out for the whole time I was there.  After a quick lunch break with one of our students, she convinced me to move to a new area and do it again.  We had 20 more students show up, and several asked me why we don’t do things like that more often.

-During opening week of school, we put on several events to let students know that we exist as a ministry on campus.  One day we played Frisbee, and a girl named Teal showed up.  Then she showed up the next day to board games.  Then she showed up the next day to our photo scavenger hunt.  Since then, we’ve been hanging out at least twice a week, and despite the fact that she regularly tells me that she’s an atheist, she keeps letting me talk to her about Jesus.

-Somehow, I’ve managed to break into what might be the most heterogeneous group of students on campus.  In the three hours that I spent with them last week, we talked about everything from anime and the Western church to ’90s rock and something called the Hebrew Roots movement.

-At the house I’m currently living in, we have community dinners 4x a week, and I get the privilege of cooking with two of my housemates every Tuesday.  A couple weeks ago, we decided (aka I forced them) to choose a theme and cook through it the whole quarter.  We opted to cook food from a different country each week, and chose China as our starting point.  I wasn’t in love with the idea, but I went with it anyway.  Then on that Tuesday morning, I woke up at 4am praying for China.  Yes, it’s as weird as it sounds like it would be.  I fell back asleep finally and woke up at a relatively normal time, realizing that could be a sweet addition to our theme…we could pray for the country we’re cooking from!  That night at dinner, one of our housemates had invited a friend over.  Fun fact:  that friend is an international student from China.  Fun fact #2: When I said we were going to pray for China, this girl started telling us about everything that’s currently happening in her country, crying as she was telling us about college students who are protesting a governmental takeover.  Fun fact #3:  That girl doesn’t know Jesus, and had only just met our housemate a few days before.  Through praying for her country, we got to show her how much Jesus really cares about her and her people.

I need to get back to planning a Bible study, but I wanted to give you just a glimpse of the sweet things that are happening here all the time!  If you want to see some pictures or read abbreviated versions of these stories, you can click on the “what else is happening right now?” tab at the top of this site.