Missioning [mish-uh’n-ing]
1. To go on a mini-expedition. This might involve negotiating treacherous terrain,
having strange adventures and meeting random people.
(for the record, this is a semi-legitimate dictionary definition)
2. To attempt to live a life in step with Jesus.

When I was 15, God told me He wanted me to spend my life–or at least a good part of it–hanging out with people and telling them about Him.  I took a break from following Him for awhile and kind of lost sight of that.  About five years ago, I found my way back to Him again (rather, He found me…He hadn’t ever moved) and tried to convince Him that I should do something else instead, something easier.  He’s tough to sway, as it turns out, and so I’ve found myself loving on people in a variety of settings over the last few years–from a homeless shelter to an after-school program to a community college.

Following this crazy path isn’t always easy, but it is always interesting.  I learn new things all the time, and this blog is my attempt to share some of those with you.  My hope is that through reading these stories/insights/whatever you want to call them, you would be able to see Jesus at work, maybe in a way you’re not familiar or comfortable with (yet!).

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